Quilted  Escapes - SUE
 Pattern Co.

 Susan J. Jensen
 Designer,  Teacher,  Quiltmaker, Fibre Artist
 Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Susan bought her first quilt frame when she was 18 but didin't actually start quilting until she was 40.  She had a variety of hobbies, but when she pulled out that quilt frame, the designer was born!  Her quilt studio is next to her home and this is where you will find her quilting, creating and dreaming of her next design.  If she isn't off teaching, doing lectures and travelling or in her studio she'll be with friends who share in her passion, a passion for learning, sharing and laughing with other quilters!

-Sue is on the Editorial Advisory Committee of the new Quilters Connection magazine. 
-Sue designs for Northcott Silk Inc. and Trend-Tex Distributor
      -Featured on the Great Canadian Shop Hop and QNN
-Front Cover of "The Canadian Quilter Magazineand 3 consecutive
  issues of "A Needle Pulling Thread" Magazine and the new 
 Quilters Connection Magazine
-Quilts in the World Quilt Competitions
-Speaks at quilt guilds 
-Teaches at trade shows, guilds and local quilt shops
- Pattern designer and teacher.
    - Fabric artist
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Sue's Quilting Tips

1.  When you change your rotary blade, don't throw the old one out. I have a second rotary cutter          that I use for cutting paper. 
2.  When you're making half square triangles, cut your square 1/2 " larger, sew across the diagonal,        press open and trim to your required block size. You will now have a perfect Half Square Triangle.
3.  A great way to display your quilts is on a Bunk bed ladder! You can lean it against the wall or hang      the ladder on the wall horizontally!  
4.  Fusible Web - Fusible web can dry out, so keep it in a Ziploc bag.  It will  last longer!
5.  Need a small ironing surface near your sewing machine? Ask your local quilt store for a cardboard        insert from a fabric bolt. Wrap a small towel around the cardboard and presto you have a small         ironing surface and it's portable for classes to.
6.  Here's a great way to throw your scraps out without feeling guilty. Using an old pillowcase line a        garbage bin with it.  While you're sewing throw scraps of fabric into the pillowcase and when it's       2/3's full, sew the pillow case shut and take it down to your local animal shelter.  They make           great beds for the cats and  dogs and they're 100% washable!
7.  Spray starch is great when you're sewing with bias edges.  I spray my blocks with spray starch,        wait for a minute to let the starch soak in and then press.  It stablizes the bias to help prevent       stretching while sewing!
8.  Sometimes I have fusible webbing that has released from the paper.  I use 505 basting spray to       re-fuse it gently back to the paper.

If you have any tips that you would like to share, e-mail me at 
suequilts1@shaw.ca and type "Quilt Tips" in the subject line. 

Susan J. Jensen has been married to her best friend Morgan for 36 years. They have been blessed with two children, daughter Megan and son Grant, and two grandchildren, granddaughter Elly and grandson William, now aged 7 and 5. Sue and Morgan have lived in their cozy little home in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada for 31 years.
Some of Sue's Favorite Things.......Including....Gifts for Friends
Freckles Collection
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Country Quilts
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...and of course FRIENDS !
...and FUN !
......and her husband Morgan !