Quilted  Escapes - PATTERNS
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Susan J. Jensen
Designer,  Teacher,  Quiltmaker
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Pattern #140 - Maple Leaves & Canada Geese
Finished Size:  61 1/2" x 70 1/2"
Designed with Lynnette Jennings & RJR fabrics
called "Greetings from Canada" for The National
Shop Hop in 2008. A fun & easy machine applique
& pieced quilt.                                                                          $10.95
Pattern #120 - Forever Spring
Finished size   35" x 35"
This simple romantic table topper
has embroidery and simple piecing!                                         $11.95
Pattern #124 - Garden China
Finished size   40" x 40"
This lovely table topper is reminiscent
of long ago china that my mother used
on very special occasions!                                                   $11.95
Pattern #128 - Garden Romance
Finished size  45" x 53"
This romantic machine applique
quilt is fun and easy to do!                                                 $11.95
Pattern #129 - Garden Romance Pillow
Finished size   35" x 35"
This simple romantic pillow has simple
embroidery and silk leaf ribbon which
is included in the pattern!                                                        $11.95
Pattern #114 - My English Garden
Finished size 48 1/2 " x 48 1/2"
A beautiful applique quilt using wool,
stitchery and beading. Quick & easy and
there's no needle turning!                                                       $12.95
Pattern #101 - "Little Escapes"
Finished Size 40" x 40"
This is a wonderful take along project,
easy and fun with stitchery and beading.                                        $11.95
Pattern # 115 - "Floral Hedges"
Finished Size  49" X 66" 
A quick and simple pattern using the
rag quilt technique.  Once you are finished
the quilt is ready to use!                                                   $11.95
Pattern # 102- My Dressmakers Form
Finished Size 31" x 17"
This is a cute stitchery and beaded wall
hanging for every sewing room!                                                      $11.95
Pattern #105 - "Log Cabin Fever"
Finished Size 48 1/2" x 48 1/2"
Do you like paper pieceing?  A fun log cabin
pattern which is paper pieced from the log
cabin to the trees,  houses and stars!                                              $11.95
Pattern #116 - Scattered Blossoms
Finished Size  48" x 15"
This is a quick, fun and easy pattern
that all skill levels will enjoy!                                            $11.95
Pattern #118 - Snails In My Garden
Finished Size:  70" x 70"
This quilt uses a variety of techniques which includes, piecing, foundation piecing, wool applique, embroidery and beading.                             $12.95
Pattern #109 - Bonnets & Bows
Finished Size:  44" x 54"
This is a fun applique with beading, hand
embroidery and silk ribbon appliques with a
beatiful applique border with button accents!  $11.95
Pattern #106 - Quilt Studio
Finished Size 47" x 23"
A wonderful wall hanging that your can customize
for your own quilt room or for a favorite friend
using fusible applique, beading and stitchery.                           $11.95
Pattern #104 -"Floral Fields"
Finished Size:  44" x 44"
A romantic quilt, the centre blocks are quilted
& the sashing has stitchery & beading! 
Reminiscent of yesteryear!                                                            $11.95
Pattern #103 - Maple Wreath Quilt
Finished Size:  75" x 95"
This twin size quilt is designed with 
the 5" charm squares for the leaves and
the nine patch.                                    $11.95
Pattern #107 - "Tiny Escapes"
Finished Size:  36" x 18"
Enjoy a fun and easy tablerunner that is
a great take along project!                                                            $11.95
Pattern #144 - Tea Cup Pin Cushion
Great small gift idea, and a joy to make.
You can finally use your tea cup collection
for something fun!                                             $6.95
Pattern #126 - Fringe Benefits Quilt
Finished Size 51 in x 67 in
A warm, cozy quilt with fringes on both sides!                        $11.95
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Pattern #9 - Fall Harvest Table Runner/Mulberry Wine
Finished Size: 38½” x 50½”
No curve piecing here, this fun easy applique
is a great way to get the look of curve piecing
without the work!                                             $10.00
Pattern #8 - Fan-Tastic
Using reverse and fine raw edge applique
this quilt would make any little girls room
a delight!                                          $11.95
Pattern #154 - Cherry Blossom Stitchery
This small quick stitchery is fun to do with a total size
of 3 1/2" x 5".                                                                            $5.00
Pattern #88 - Believe in your Dreams!      
Finished Size: 50" x 59"
We celebrate the Olympics with this warm cozy lap quilt! Using Northcott's Winter Sports line and simple machine applique will
make this quilt up in a jiffy!                                        $12.95
Pattern #86 Dresden Butterfly Table Topper
This cute table topper measures 30" x 30"
with machine piecing and hand applique and
embroidery!                                                                        $12.95
Pattern #150 - Stars & Rosebuds
A great stashbuster pattern - uses up
your stash!                                                                                $12.95
Pattern #89 - Pinwheel Petal Points
Finished Size 46" x 46"
This topper is easy using simple piecing, machine
applique & prairie points. Great for using scraps.                          $6.95
Pattern #141 - A Stitcher's Briefcase
18" square
A convenient way to carry all your stitchery
supplies to class, work or travelling!                                $6.95
Pattern #127 - Sewing thru the Years 
48 1/2" x  54 1/2"
Easy piecing quilt with stitchery blocks
& inner border. Makes a great block of
the month project!                                                                      $12.95
Pattern #125 - Snowman Crazy
25" x 29 1/2"
This is a fun quilt to make all by machine, use those
decorative stitches that your machines offers and
have fun!                                                                                     $11.95
Pattern #110 - My Tumbled Hearts
47" x 47"
Designed by Susan J Jensen @ 2012 - Homestead Websites - Build Your Own Website
Pattern #146 - Caribbean Waves
60" x 60"
Brand new quilt kit based on the Stonehenge Skins Collection from Northcott Fabric. Caribbean Waves uses a foundation paper piecing process to obtain those precise points.   $12.95
Pattern #T3 - Seasons Change
42" x 62"
This simple and easy quilt was designed with RJR Fabric by Dan Morris
called Danscapes.   $12.95
Pattern #T2 - Life's Tranquil Moment
27" x 32"
This applique quilt was designed with RJR Fabric by Dan Morris called
Danscapes.   $12.95
Pattern #T1 - Cottage Country
62 1/2" x 72 1/2"
Cottage Country was designed with RJR Fabric by Dan Morris called Danscapes.                                                    $16.95  
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Pattern #14 - Autumn's Splendor
23 1/2" x 45 1/2"
This simple and easy quilt was raw edge applique wall hanging.   $10.00
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Pattern #305 - Serenity Spa
32 1/2" x 32 1/2
This simple and easy quilt was  applique wall hanging.   $10.00
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Pattern #309 - Nature's Wilderness
30" x 45"
This is a quick, simple and easy quilt wall hanging using Northcotts fabric Line Stonehenge Wilderness  
Note:  correction All patterns sent before Dec/13 the following fabric amounts have be revised:  39165-68  should read .10m   1/8 yd
  39161-68  should read .25     1/4 yd        $10.00
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Pattern #315 - "Beneath The Earth's Surface
24 1/2" x 37 1/2"
With simple piecing and a little embellishing in this wallhanging.
Quick and easy.   $12.00
Pattern #310 - Happy Sailing                        $12.00
Approximately 38" x 46"
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Pattern #316 - Down by the dock on the Bay.    36" x 54"

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